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Catch StereoLOGIC at PEX Week Jan 23 – Jan 27, 2017 in Orlando!

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We are excited to present StereoLOGIC’s revolutionary business process mapping and measurement solution at PEX Week 2017! Taking place January 23-January 27 2107 in Orlando, Florida PEX Week gathers industry leaders and executives from around the world to share and gain insight into cutting edge business process mapping and measurement techniques.

StereoLOGIC will be showcasing our Advanced Analytical Robots™ that provide enterprise operational managers with an indispensable vehicle for control and improvement of employee processes. Advanced Analytical Robots™ automatically discover and visualize actual business processes, measure performance, and detect root causes of process inefficiencies. Our software monitors user and system activities while employees work with business applications across all technology platforms and personal productivity tools. Without slowing down or interrupting any employee process, StereoLOGIC automatically discovers end-to-end business processes and their variations, then records the process time and visualizes the information in real time. This fact-based approach to process improvement introduced by StereoLOGIC allows companies to significantly reduce the risk and cost of business process transformation and optimization.

Join us at the event to learn more about how our revolutionary automated approach has improved business and operational efficiency for 100% of our clients.

We hope to see you there!

For more information about PEX Week 2017, please go to and

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