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Large North American Mortgage Insurance Company

Watch SVP of Operations Scott Gorman discuss how StereoLOGIC helped his company achieve successful results with minimal investment.

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Learn how Pitney Bowes saved 30% of operating costs, accelerated customer response by 56% and won process Excellence Award from PEX.

US Government Agency

“StereoLOGIC will yield a result in a 70% to 85% less time to get to a mapping of all the processes and how they work together.”

Keith Ellis
Vice President
IAG Consulting

Marcuard Family Office
Ltd. Zurich, Switzerland

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“We evaluated 13 different BPM and Process Discovery solutions and selected StereoLOGIC, because of the automated process recording and efficient process documentation. StereoLOGIC is an outstanding tool compared to all other BPM tools we evaluated.”

Simon Minder, MBA, MAS
Chief Operating Officer, Managing Partner

Large European Bank, Back Office Operations

Business Process Transformation

  1. Detected processes with up to 70% redundancy
  2. Measured overall business unit performance, detected inefficient processes and identified opportunity for 16% improvement
  3. ROI in less than 6 months

North American Bank

Business Process Improvement

  1. Discovered End-to-End business processes distributed across multiple platforms
  2. Detected process inefficiencies
  3. Identified opportunities for up to 60% process performance improvement

Multi-National Insurance Company

Process Reengineering

  1. Discovered and documented Commercial Claims and Underwriting business processes
  2. Measured and compared employee processes
  3. Detected many unknown practices performed by the employees
  4. Identified areas for improvement and better practices

Large North American Retailer

Employee Monitoring and Performance Measurement

  1. Discovered and documented business processes across three lines of business
  2. Identified significant variances in the similar processes
  3. Discovered critical issues, such as: 16 minute task takes over 5 hours, 17 hours of process delay, 86% process inefficiency; detected their root causes

US Government Agency

Modernization & Transformation

  1. Modernization of Unemployment Tax and Benefit systems
  2. Discovery and analysis of the AS-IS business process in four US states
  3. Design of the consolidated solution to enable all four states
  4. Demonstrated 85% time savings and $1.5M cost savings

Provider of Communication Technologies

Business Process Outsourcing

  1. Documentation of business processes for the outsourcing partner
  2. Performance monitoring and improvement of customer service operations
  3. Identified opportunity for up to 45% operational cost reduction