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Hidden Challenges of RPA’s and How to Overcome Them

Stereologic presented ‘Hidden Challenges of RPA’s and How to Overcome Them’ at OPEX 2018 in Orlando. Business use cases from successful clients were demonstrated to explain the common pitfalls of traditional RPA’s. Financial institutions such as East West Bank have saved millions of dollars by using Stereologic to identify and improve their business processes faster and with more accuracy.

Traditional RPA’s are an attractive concept for financial organizations with their promises of quick ROIs and large FTE savings. However most executives don’t become aware of the less obvious issues until it’s too late and as a result 30-50% of RPA projects fail.

With Stereologic’s Process Analytics, clients get more streamlined businesses processes and typically see results within several weeks, resulting in annual RPA savings of more than 50%. To learn more about how Stereologic can help your healthcare, IT or financial organization save on business processes read the rest of the presentation below.

Hidden Challenges of RPAs and How to Overcome Them by Stereologic



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