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IAG Consulting and StereoLOGIC today unveil their strategic alliance to commercialize StereoLOGIC Discovery

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Press Release: IAG Consulting and StereoLOGIC today unveiled their strategic alliance to commercialize StereoLOGIC Discovery™, a new class of tools for business managers and analysts working in legacy 3270 environments.

IAG Consulting and StereoLOGIC team up to commercialize a new class of tools for automated discovery of business process for legacy 3270 systems Toronto, Ontario: January 5, 2010 – IAG Consulting and StereoLOGIC today unveiled their strategic alliance to commercialize StereoLOGIC Discovery™, a new class of tools for business managers and analysts working in legacy 3270 environments. Unlike traditional requirements definition and management tools, StereoLOGIC Discovery™ can automatically extract process and information flow by monitoring user interaction with a system, and intelligently depict the business logic of an application for a client analyst team. Development executives and maintenance management undertaking legacy modernization, hampered by the erosion in system understanding that happens when long-term employees leave, can now implement self-updating systems documentation.

Reducing Application Costs for Legacy Modernization by up to 40%

This new technology works much like having an analyst sitting behind every user and recording the sequence of steps a user takes in completing a process, and capturing what data was used in a particular activity. This technology, ‘Semantic Recognition’, enables analysts to capture the actual use of a system – the tribal behavior – rather than relying on interviewing people to discover what they think is the behavior. Using StereoLOGIC Discovery™, analysts always have an up-to-date view of the as-is state of a system to diagnose issues, accelerate maintenance or modernization, or act as a springboard for setting new business requirements. As a real-time documentation tool – StereoLOGIC also detects changes to the business process model behind an application, and automatically builds the new process model for analysts managing the application. According to Gartner Group, even in areas such as implementing business process management, conducting process discovery, such as you might do with StereoLOGIC, accounts for as much as 40% of the effort.

IAG Consulting was selected by StereoLOGIC as its first services ally because of IAG’s depth in dealing with very large scale requirements definition and management assignments. “We see this dramatically accelerating legacy modernization, particularly where people are uncertain of the as-is system function” said Keith Ellis, IAG’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances, “we see opportunity to both compress the cycle of requirements definition and enhance scope control on modernization projects.”

Augmenting Existing Tools Strategies “Many clients have Business Process Modeling tools such as Lombardi or Metastorm, or requirements definition tools like Blueprint, IBM Rational, iRise,” says StereoLOGIC President, Dr. Sofia Passova, “we’ve built StereoLOGIC to dramatically enhance the value proposition of these tools. Instead of relying exclusively on manual interviewing to discover and input the process model, clients can pair StereoLOGIC with their existing tools to automate discovery, and pass the process model to these tools to develop and manage business processes and requirements.” Says Dr. Passova, “One of the reasons we chose to work with IAG, is that they have an extensive experience with requirements definition and management tools from the leading vendors.”

About IAG Consulting: IAG Consulting is the leading international business and software requirements definition and management consultancy. IAG is known for its Requirements Discovery Process™ and the Best Requirements Practices™ employed on their consulting engagements. IAG’s core competency is Requirements Definition and they are best known for the efficiency of their Requirements Definition Sessions, the clarity and accuracy of IAG’s Business and Software Specifications and IAG’s ability to baseline and transform requirements definition & management maturity at Fortune 1000 companies. IAG’s main offices are in New Castle, Delaware and Toronto, Ontario. For more information see:

If you would like more information on StereoLOGIC Discovery™ or would like to discuss your modernization initiatives, set a time for discussion by using:

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