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StereoLOGIC Enterprise Discovery Suite enables organizations to visualize End-to-end business processes executed by employees and measure them in real time.

Discovery (icon)

Discover your Processes

Instead of interviewing people and mapping their business process manually, as many companies do today, StereoLOGIC software enables you to monitor the work of employees with IT systems and generate the process maps automatically.

StereoLOGIC Discovery is a platform agnostic solution. Your staff can be distributed across many geographic locations and utilize a large number of diverse IT platforms and personal productivity tools. StereoLOGIC will automatically capture all the processes performed by employees and help you visualize the End-to-End process.

Timer (icon)

Measure Your Processes

Business processes produced by StereoLOGIC allow companies not only to see what their people do but also measure their performance. For each process activity, StereoLOGIC shows how many times it was executed and how much time was spent.

StereoLOGIC process and time visualization provides companies with reliable data for definition of best practices, analysis of issues and achieving the process improvement.

Analytics (icon)

Analyze Deviations

StereoLOGIC offers Deviation Analysis capability, which automates the comparison of discovered processes and clearly visualizes their differences. It will allow you to concurrently simulate any two processes step-by-step, while automatically highlighting common and dissimilar activities of these processes.

StereoLOGIC customers rely on this capability to find their best practices and control how employees follow them, analyze processes across multiple lines of business, compare performance of employees and discover why some tasks take longer than others.

Money in bin (icon)

Find Root Causes of Inefficiencies

To improve business processes, it is not only important to detect the issues (deviations, omissions, delays etc.), but also understand the root cause of them. This task becomes much easier with StereoLOGIC’s Root Cause Analysis mechanism.

The discovered business processes are presented as a holistic hierarchical model, where higher level processes are interconnected with corresponding sub-processes and each process activity with micro-activities and user screens.

When inefficiencies or delays are found, the analyst can easily drill down into the process model and detect which user or system activities created them. StereoLOGIC enables the analyst to visualize the path between the problem and its root cause and communicate this information to the management team. The analyst can generate problem reports including inefficient processes and traceability to problem sources supported by time metrics, systems screens, and related data.

Improve (icon)

Accelerate Your Operations

StereoLOGIC introduces automated Fact-Based Process Improvement. This is accomplished by generation of precise information about: processes, time, issues, and root causes. Having all these data you can easily localize process areas that need to be improved as well as define the required changes using StereoLOGIC’s visual process editor.

To accelerate processes adoption across the enterprise StereoLOGIC provides an Automated Simulator that allows employees to execute new processes step by step exactly the same way as it is performed by experts with actual business applications. StereoLOGIC simulator is as effective for training of employees as a flight simulator for training pilots.

Manuals (icon)

Up To Date Process Documentation

StereoLOGIC produces comprehensive business process documentation including: end-to-end business process map, process diagrams, business architecture models and associated time metrics, system screens, and data.

To ease the practical implementation of modernized processes into IT systems based on BPM, ERP and other modern platforms, StereoLOGIC automatically generates precise business requirements documentation in standard Use Case format.