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Analytics (icon)StereoLOGIC Process Analytics automatically monitors hundreds of employees performing business operations for days / months, compares discovered operations with the established baselines, and notifies operational managers about unexpected deviations, performance issues and deadlocks.

StereoLOGIC Process Analytics provides business managers with automatically generated reports about the current state of business processes and employees operations. The manager will be able to see how many tasks have been started and finished, how quickly they are executed and where improvements are needed.

In addition, the software validates the completeness of selected business process and adherence of these processes to the organization’s security and compliance requirements. Using Process Analytics the customer will be able to answer such questions as:

  • How many tasks were completed by a selected group of employees?
  • What are performance measurements for multiple employees?
  • Were any critical actives omitted?
  • Who are the fastest and slowest employees?
  • What is the time between any specified activities?

Process Analytics is a very efficient tool for transitioning organizations to Variable Cost Model


Licensing Collage

StereoLOGIC Process Analytics license includes two components:

  • Analyst Workstation
  • Employee Monitor

The Analyst Workstation provides the core functionality of Process Analytics. These licenses are transferable and can be used by many Process Analysts.

The Employee Monitors enable monitoring of the company employees. These licenses are not transferable, each license enables monitoring of one named employee.

Analyst Workstation licenses are available on Rent-To-Own basis. Employee Monitor licenses are available on Software-as-a-Service basis.