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Money in bin (icon)Inefficiencies – half of your operating budget!

Our customers from financial, manufacturing, retail, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications industries observe that process issues may often cost as much as half of their operating budget.

StereoLOGIC helps operation managers and process engineers to find and remove the time wasted by employees due to inefficient business processes.

Employee (icon)Why do employees work inefficiently?

If you could only see all the tasks your employees perform daily, you would appreciate how many process oddities they have to deal with.

Redundant operations, retyping data from one system to another, or starting many tasks and dropping them – these are just a few examples of process inefficiencies.

Improvement (icon)Improvement is not a trivial task

Process engineers and Lean Six Sigma practitioners agree that defining process issues is the hardest part of any process improvement project.

Meetings, interviews and stopwatches have proven to be ineffective for obtaining any objective information about employee processes.

It takes months to discover even most obvious defects for a business unit with multiple employees executing hundreds of business processes.

Improve (icon)Improve processes easier and quicker

According to our customers, StereoLOGIC accelerates process improvement by over 80%.

With the ROI in less than 6 months, it will help your organization rapidly improve your business processes and reduce the operating cost.

StereoLOGIC Process Diagnostics & Improvement

Whether you follow Six Sigma or do not use any formal methodology, StereoLOGIC Process Diagnostics & Improvement will help you. It will generate for you the precise information about each employee activity, when it was performed and how much time was spent. It will reveal Non-Value-Added activities and delays, as well as their root causes, frequency and cost.

In addition to the included capabilities of our Process Mapper and Process Timer, Process Diagnostics & Improvement package will enable you to compare actual employee processes against the baseline and precisely visualize process deviations and variances in employee operations.

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