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Mapper (icon) Process Map Generator

Tired of tedious manual process mapping? StereoLOGIC will generate your process maps automatically:

  1. Just execute your process on the computer
  2. StereoLOGIC will generate process maps for you
  3. Validate and edit, if needed

An accurate process map in Visio, BPMN or XPDL formats is ready for you.

Instead of interviewing people and mapping their business process manually, as many companies do today, StereoLOGIC software enables you to monitor the work of employees with IT systems and generate the process maps automatically.

StereoLOGIC Discovery is a platform agnostic solution. Your staff can be distributed across many geographic locations and utilize a large number of diverse IT platforms and personal productivity tools. StereoLOGIC will automatically capture all the processes performed by employees and help you visualize the End-to-End process.

StereoLOGIC Process Map Generator (Screenshot)

Timer (icon)Process Timer

Need to know Process and Cycle Time?

Tired of standing behind employees with a stop-watch?


  1. Let employees perform processes on computer
  2. StereoLOGIC will automatically generate time measurements
  3. Export to Excel

You will receive precise information about each employee activity, when it was performed and how much time was spent. You will also find the Non-Value-Added activities and delays, their root causes and frequency.

StereoLOGIC Process Timer (Screenshot)

Manuals (icon)Automated Manuals

Need to create accurate illustrated process manuals in a fraction of time?

StereoLOGIC will generate them for you in three easy steps:

  1. Record what you are doing on the computer
  2. Review
  3. Export to Word

An accurate process documentation with step-by-step instructions and screenshots is ready for you.

StereoLOGIC Automated Manuals (screenshot)