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StereoLOGIC at Process Mapping and Modeling Open House 2016

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StereoLOGIC’s industry leading Process Mapping and Measurement Software Robot TM has been selected for demonstration at Process Mapping and Modelling Open House .

Taking place on May 10th, this IQPC’s unique online event allows the industry professionals and executives to gain insight from world leading organizations about most innovative and efficient Process Mapping and Modeling methods and techniques. Attendees will gain the opportunity to learn how specific Process Mapping and Modeling techniques have improved business and operational efficiency.

Process Mapping and Modeling Open House will bring together four hand picked case studies that will show what the project objectives were, how they were achieved and the results produced.

StereoLOGIC will present a new automated approach to process mapping and measurement allowing documenting back office and call center processes in less than one week. StereoLOGIC will share detailed case studies explaining how organizations, such as Pitney Bowes, complete process mapping and measurement without countless employee interviews and review meetings.

For more info about the Process Mapping and Modelling Open House 2016 see the event web page:

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