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StereoLOGIC starts shipping Discovery Analyst 3.2

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StereoLOGIC takes its industry leading solution for business process discovery and improvement to the next level with the release of Discovery Analyst 3.2.

The new version introduces a powerful White Box Discovery™ functionality that accelerates the review and analysis of automatically discovered business processes. The key functions include Visualization of Change, Activity Re-composition and Easy Tuning Control.

According to StereoLOGIC’s customers, version 3.2 is bringing an additional 40% time savings for their process analysis and documentation effort with StereoLOGIC software.

StereoLOGIC 3.2 improves the security of the customer data by providing an audit log with a detailed chronological record of who and when accessed StereoLOGIC’s repository and what information was accessed.

Version 3.2 reduces the load on the employee workstation and enables the customer to efficiently discover business processes performed in older IT environments.

With the release of Discovery Analyst 3.2 ® StereoLOGIC provides customers with the most advanced and flexible solution for business process discovery, analysis, documentation and improvement.

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