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StereoLOGIC is an Operational Intelligence company

StereoLOGIC changes the way companies analyze, improve and control their business operations.

Actual understanding of employee operations, how much time they spend on different tasks and where they waste time is the most critical stage of any business improvement or transformation initiative. Today, most companies perform this analysis manually using armies of consultants and repetitive interviews with key staff. This approach is costly, disruptive to the business, and produces outdated results, which negatively impacts the accuracy and timeliness of management decisions. According to Gartner only 30% of manually captured processes are accurate.

At StereoLOGIC, we believe that the costs and risks of manual analysis of business operations should be left in the past.

StereoLOGIC introduces a breakthrough Operational Intelligence solution. StereoLOGIC Discovery® automatically monitors employee operations and generates business process maps, continuously visualizing what people do, the time they spend on different tasks and delays due to mistakes or process inefficiencies. StereoLOGIC’s precise instruments for continuous control and improvement provide businesses with significant time and cost savings. Our customers report up to 50% of operational cost savings.

Developed by a team of experts led by Dr. Sofia Passova, whose solutions have been recognized by Gartner and successfully implemented at F500 Companies, StereoLOGIC Discovery™ is an advanced technology designed for business performance and success.