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IAG Consulting (logo)

IAG is a global leader in requirements definition and management.

Leading some of the largest requirements definition and management projects worldwide, IAG uses StereoLOGIC™ technology in mapping the AS-IS state of systems.

Sierra Systems (logo)

Sierra Systems is an IT and management consulting services company

with more than 1000 employees in 13 markets in North America and a development center in Romania. Sierra has selected StereoLOGIC as one of its centerpieces in its banking legacy modernization practices to complement proprietary technologies developed over years of modernization experience.

Object Management Group (logo)

The Object Management Group is a leading proponent of Business-IT integration standards

they are best known for CORBA®, the UML™, and dozens of other initiatives that provide thought leadership in information technology. StereoLOGIC is an active member of OMG Consortium.

SOA Consortium (logo)

The SOA Consortium is a SOA advocacy group

comprised of end users, service providers, and technology vendors, committed to helping the Global 1000 successfully adopt SOA by 2010. StereoLOGIC is an active member of SOA Consortium.